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Surftech BARK Pro

12’6” SURFTECH BARK Pro elite carbon composite race/touring board. This board is burgundy, wood and white. It looks like a raspberry chocolate truffle and rides like a dream.

This is an intermediate/advanced board.
The bark expedition pro elite cuts through choppy waves with ease and it’s light enough you can lift it easily overhead. Tracks beautifully, a joy to ride this board is designed for expeditions, touring, flat water and ocean

Comfortable deck pad and tiedowns front and back for your gear

Specs 12 foot 6, 28 inches wide 7 inches deep. 27 lbs. Maximum volume 233 L. 200 pounds. This board performs best for riders at 180 pounds or less

Package comes with a used paddleboard ($1200 value) used carbon fiber paddle of your choice ($250 value) leash, Fin and a deluxe board bag ($250 value)
On sale $1300


  • Limited Availability

YOLO Serenity Dune

12’ YOLO Serenity Dune. This board is a sandy coral mandala pattern with exquisite artwork. It’s a joy to ride in all water conditions

Package Comes with a paddleboard, paddle, leash, fin and a dry bag. Board bag included

This incredible board is in immaculate condition supports up to 275 pounds. Dimensions 12‘ x 32“. The board is stable, easy to transport with lift Sup handle. Connex mount For Bluetooth or a go pro accessories. $1600


  • Limited Availability

Lakeshore Wet Woody

12’6 Lakeshore Wet Woody touring board

This elegant board is stunning to look at and it’s even more beautiful when it’s on the water! It’s super stable cuts through choppy water conditions like a knife through butter. It’s a fun board to ride and you know it always has your back!. Dimensions 12 6 x 29“ maximum weight capacity 300 pounds

Beautiful wood grain matte finish comfortable deck pad. Comes with paddle, fin, leash and dry bag.

Board is in excellent condition with one minor ding and is watertight $1200


  • Limited Availability

Surftech High Seas Air Travel- Inflatable

Top of the line Triple wall military grade vinyl drop stitch construction make these boards incredibly durable

These boards are very well engineered and come with a rolling travel case perfect for air travel. Package includes paddleboard, pump, Fin, leash, dry bag, repair kit And matching two piece ultra light carbon fiber paddle

SURFTECH high seas air travel Gray striped pattern 10 foot 8 x 33” x 6”maximum weight capacity 300 pounds

Sale $1150
(retail $999 board $259 paddle $1249)


  • Limited Availability

Surftech Hercules Air Travel-Inflatable

SURFTECH Hercules air travel
This 13 foot mega board comes with two detachable kayaks seats so you can turn this into a kayak use it as a paddleboard or a floating island. Great for the whole family at holds up to 450 pounds!

The board is the ultimate in stability and you can put the whole family on it including Fido. For dimensions 13 feet long 3 feet wide 6 inches deep.

Package comes with a rolling travel case, paddleboard, kayak paddle into carbon fiber Blue and white striped Sup paddles. Also included pump, detachable Fin, two leashes and a dry bag



  • Limited Availability

Yolo Day of The Dead, Limited Edition-Inflatable

12’ YOLO inflatable paddleboard‘s. These come with an upgraded rolling backpack, paddleboard, pump, leash, fin three piece aluminum paddle, dry bag And repair kit. Great for travel!

YOLO makes incredible quality Paddleboards These are triple wall vinyl drop stitched super durable. Great for family, kids, pets

These boards feature a three fin design with a center removable fin And Fin guards. All of the fins are flexible so you can even take this board down the rivers

These boards are works of art that are easy to ride and stable.

Day of the dead Limited edition Turquoise and red

Sale $975
(retail $1199)


  • Limited Availability

10’6” BIC SUP Wahine Ace-Tech

The 10 foot six Ace-tech is designed as an all-around performer for riders up to 200 pounds. It’s a super durable and lightweight performance board Great for all skill levels and as well in all  water conditions. This board is super stable and fun to ride
Dimensions 10 foot six, 31 -1/2 “
wide 4-1/2 inches thick 26 pounds
Package comes with paddleboard, Fin, leash, carbon fiber paddle. 


  • Limited Availability