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NSP Coco Hybrid-local pick up only

The NSP Coco hybrid 3-piece adjustable is a sharp looking tan and blue graphic made from organically grown coconut husk fibers. If you are looking for a performance paddle this is your paddle! It’s A carbon composite which is extremely durable, lightweight and eco-friendly. This paddle has an 86 blade. The design is based off the carbon speedster which is a racing paddle with extra pronounced dihedral. This paddle can really move some water and propel you to a new paddle boarding experience! Equipped with full ABS rail for extra protection against dings and scrapes. Comes with a protective blade bag.


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NSP Allround 86-Local pickup only

The NSP Allround 86 carbon hybrid three-piece paddle is black, blue and orange graphics. Super durable lightweight with an 86 blade this is the perfect paddle For performance or recreational paddling. Works especially well for a smaller paddle board or a smaller paddler $175


  • Limited Availability

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The SUP ATX full carbon three piece adjustable Paddle is an ultra lightweight paddle. This sharp looking black paddle with yellow graphics features a larger blade which displaces more water, perfect paddle for a larger size paddleboard or a heavier weight paddler. MSRP $275 On sale for $215



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