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Algae Blossom Advisories

Now that the warm weather is here and the temperatures are heating up, blue green algae blooms are being discovered. Click here for Algae Blossom Advisories.  

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Teaching Tools

Paddling Terminology

Boat Trim: Refers to your boat being level in the water from bow to stern and from side to side. You want even amounts of weight distribution equally in the bow and stern and side-to-side for the boat to paddle effectively. If your boat is not trim, you will find yourself doing a lot of corrections strokes when paddling. 

  • Strokes: Forward paddle, back paddle, draw, pry, J stroke, sweep, rudder, sculling side slip, sculling brace, low brace, high brace, crossbow draw and crossbow rudder. 
  • Maneuvers: Eddy turn, peal out, front ferry, back ferry, side slip, window shading (this occurs when you downstream end of your board and it goes slower than the upstream end in a hole). 
  • Water Features: Eddy, rocks, stringer, tree, log jam, gravel bars, shallows, overhanging vegetation, downstream "V", upstream "V", frowning-shaped rapids, smiling-shaped rapids, undercut edges (danger), pillow, pour overs, holes, wave holes and hydraulics.

Paddler's Checklist


Things to consider before you go go paddling. 

  • Does everyone in the group have adequate skills to do the trip? 
  • Does everyone in the group have adequate paddling gear to do this trip? 
  • Have you checked the water levels, river levels and tide charts to ensure safety for all paddlers in the group? 
  • Have you checked the weather for high winds, thunder clouds and other hazards? If not, click here to check the weather in your area. 
  • Have you checked with local organizations to see if there are water hazards in the water? This is especially important on moving water to whitewater sections of a river. Get maps of the river you plan to paddle from a local paddling store or the U.S. Forest Service/BLM offices.  
  • Did you leave a paddling float plan at home so someone knows your location and return time? 
  • Always paddle in groups of 3 to 4 for safety reasons!
  • Consider carrying a towing system and a hypothermia clothing kit.
  • Lastly, make sure everyone is wearing synthetic clothing and NOT COTTON garments! 

Paddling Clubs

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